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Some things cannot be learned from books or the media.

WorldVuze is a map-based question and answer education platform where elementary and secondary students around the world can learn directly from each other! It's a safe communication tool that makes international connections easy and allows teachers to integrate authentic, real-world learning into just about any curriculum, opening up a world of deep and engaging, 21st century learning opportunities for teachers and their students.

WorldVuze Helps Engage Students in What they are Learning

WorldVuze wouldn’t matter if students didn’t care. In fact, when surveyed, over 92% of students said that WorldVuze helps them care more about what they are learning in school. Why? Hear it from students themselves...

You can help the WorldVuze community!

Your generous donations help students all over the world by allowing their voices to be heard.

Teachers can...


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Ask questions on behalf of your class to not just one other classroom, but a global community of students.


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Safely and securely track the activity of all of your students, providing an opportunity to assess difficult to measure skills and competencies over time, such as critical thinking, communication and information literacy.


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Create meaningful and engaging, global learning experiences that easily connect to your curriculum through inquiry.

Students can...


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Students can deepen their understanding of themselves, each other, and the world around them by sharing, comparing, analyzing, and reflecting on their own and other students' views on questions asked locally and around the globe.


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Students can add real-world relevance to a wide variety of subjects by investigating the first-hand views of other students independently or directed by their teacher.


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Students can creatively apply the first-hand, primary perspectives of their peers locally and around the world to research projects, class discussions, statistical analysis and more!

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